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A little bit about myself...

My photography journey began in 2009, when I was around thirteen years old. I started off photographing basketball games, parties, and family outings. My grandfather was a photography enthusiast and so it would seem that he passed down his love for it to me.


I'm a nostalgic soul, and I could not fathom leaving special moments undocumented. When I look back through old photographs of family members who have now passed on, trips with friends, and clients whose lives I've captured over the years, I am so thankful for the capsules of time I was able to preserve.


Through photography, I have connected with so many brilliant and kind souls. The world and its inhabitants are so beautiful and unique. With every photograph, I attempt to amplify that beauty and capture the spirit and essence of every subject. Whether it's you, your family, your pet, a grand occasion, or that special place you never want to forget, it is a joy and privilege to document a part of your story.

Maria Webb

stills from my personal travels

stills from my personal travels

stills from my personal travels

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